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The Significance Of Fish Screens On Your Pontoon Pump Station

Adding fish screens to your setup is imperative when installing a pontoon pump station in a marine environment. These screens, whether in-build or physically installed, deter fish and other aquatic animals from getting trapped in the pump during operation. Continue reading this article and learn the significance of fish screens when installing your pontoon pump station.

Helps Protect Your Pump

Your pontoon station relies on the pump for optimal performance. However, operations at the station can be interrupted if the pump pulls in foreign materials or animals. Things like fish, aquatic plants and other foreign materials can cause clogging in the system. 

Consequently, unclogging all these materials will be time-consuming and costly. When exposed to all these blockages, the pump is forced to work much harder. As a result, this can potentially damage its parts and reduce its service life. 

However, installing fish screens helps create an effective barrier against these materials. Some pumps come with in-build fish screens, meaning you don't need to install others. Ideally, fish screens eliminate the need to cease all pontoon station operations so that you can unclog the system. 

Besides, the pump doesn't have to be subjected to unnecessary stress, meaning the likelihood of overheating or breakdown is minimal. Therefore, installing fish screens can help save you more time and money while your operations continue smoothly. 

Promotes Environmental Protection 

It's imperative to consider aquatic life when using pumps in marine environments since the environmental impact caused matters significantly. For instance, there are various codes to adhere to for ensuring the protection of endangered marine species. Following these regulations prevents you from disrupting the biodiversity balance in the aquatic environment your pontoon pump station is installed.  

Therefore, being environmentally conscious is paramount. Failing to use fish screens on your pontoon pump station can jeopardise marine ecosystems. For example, fish and other aquatic animals can end up in the pump and meet their tragic end. In turn, this contributes significantly to adverse biodiversity effects.  

However, investing in pontoon pump stations with fish screens helps alleviate these problems. Fish screens are effective barriers that deter fish from entering the pump and perishing tragically. Therefore, when purchasing your pontoon pumps, consider those with appropriate mesh sizes to prevent even the tiniest marine animals from entering the pump. 


Indeed, the significance of fish screens on your pontoon pump station can not be overlooked. Work with a reputable pontoon pump station supplier in your area for more advice and helpful insights.